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This website is intended as an adjunct to the paperback book 'Camp Every County, Washington' by Brendan J. McDonald, available on Included on this website are photographs and texts which could not be included in the paperback edition, where you will find full narrative versions of each section found below.

 GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY (Montesano/Aberdeen/Ocean Shores)

Campbell Tree Grove Campground (Grays Harbor Co.'s BEST FREE CG) 

Which is more beautiful - the towering trees in the campground, or the West Fork of the Humptulips River? Most campers will say it's a draw.
For more photos of Campbell Tree Grove CG click HERE

Coho Campground (Grays Harbor Co.'s MOST APPEALING CG TO THE SENSES)

Coho Campground on Lake Wynoochee, once distant and hard to reach,
is now easily accessible
For more photos of Coho CG click HERE

Willaby Campground (Grays Harbor Co.'s  MOST RUSTIC CG) 

Some sites at Willaby Campground have elevated views of Lake Quinault
For more photos of Willaby CG click HERE

Falls Creek Campground (Grays Harbor Co.'s MOST UNIQUELY WASHINGTON CGs)

Falls Creek Campground is a Lake Quinault favorite with a Rain Forest feel
For more photos of Falls Creek CG click HERE

  • Pacific Beach State Park (Grays Harbor Co.'s BEST EQUIPPED/ BEST CG FOR RVs)

The contrast between the frenetic campground and the peaceful, wide open beach at Pacific Beach State Park is immediately noticeable.
For more photos of Pacific Beach S.P. click HERE

Ocean City State Park (Grays Harbor Co.'s BEST CG FOR ENTIRE  FAMILIES)

Ocean City State Park has wonderful marine vegetation
and even better beaches
For more photos of Ocean City S.P. click HERE

Twin Harbors State Park (Grays Harbor Co.'s BEST BIKE-IN CG)

Camping at Twin Harbors State Park surrounds you in beach vegetation with just a short walk to the ocean.
For more photos of Twin Harbors S.P. click HERE

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