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The Camp Every County Washington Crew's
Favorite Campworthy Campgrounds
(all listed alphabetically)

John's Top 10 Campgrounds

John hales from Boston, and lends an East Coast perspective to camping. He says he hates everything, yet is often the voice of reason and keeps the rest of us on track. He is often content to remain in his campsite, and can pick campworthy campgrounds out of a lineup.

1.  Cape Disappointment S.P. - Pacific Co.
2.  Conconully S.P. - Okanogan Co.
3.  Cranberry Lake CG at Deception Pass S.P. - Island Co.
4.  Douglas Fir CG, USFS - Whatcom Co.
5.  Grayland Beach S.P. - Pacific Co.
6.  Lake Easton S.P. - Kittitas Co.
7.  Lake Wenatchee S.P. - Chelan Co.
8.  Moran S.P. - San Juan Co.
9.  Potholes S.P. - Grant Co.
10. Steamboat Rock S.P. - Grant Co. 

Tom's Top 10 Campgrounds

Tom grew up in the sprawl of the Puget Sound Area, and has come to value privacy, space, and quiet above all else. If working on this project with Tom has taught us one thing, it's that he knows how to pick out campsites through the sometimes deceptive reservations systems. He has never let us down.

1.  Cape Disappointment S.P. - Pacific Co.
2.  Colonial Creek CG, NCNP - Whatcom Co.
3.  Crow Butte Park, Port of Benton - Benton Co.
4.  Fishhook Park, US Army COE - Walla Walla Co.
5.  Iron Creek CG, USFS - Lewis Co.
6.  Kalaloch CG, ONP - Jefferson Co.
7.  Lincoln Rock S.P. - Douglas Co.
8.  Lake Wenatchee S.P. - Chelan Co.
9.  Moran S.P. - San Juan Co.
10. Potholes S.P. - Grant Co.

Gary's Top 10 Campgrounds

Gary was the oldest member of the Camp Every County Crew, and grew up in Tacoma. True to his sentimental and often superstitious nature, he passed away just days after our final camping trip at Walupt Lake. He is known for having a big heart (sometimes the source of unintentional humor), and for being the first to pick up the mood or "energy" of a campground. He is missed, but no camping trip will ever be complete without Gary stories.

1.  Ike Kinswa S.P. - Lewis Co.
2.  Indian Creek CG - Yakima Co.
3.  Johnny Creek CG, USFS - Chelan Co.
4.  Kanasket-Palmer S.P. - King Co.
5.  Larrabee S.P. - Whatcom Co.
6.  Manchester S.P. - Kitsap Co.
7.  Ohanepecosh CG, MRNP - Lewis Co.
8.  Panorama Point CG, USFS - Whatcom Co.
9.  Scenic Beach S.P. - Kitsap Co.
10. Wanapam/Gingko Petrified Forest S.P. - Kittitas Co.

Brendan's Top 10 Campgrounds

Brendan is the token impractical science nerd of the Crew, although he comes from the smallest of towns just outside of Raymond (yes, it's in Washington). His ideal campground might be described as "The perfect USFS campground on the perfect little lake." But if it's not perfect, he leans toward the quirky. Cabins made out of shipping containers? A fake white sand beach on the otherwise muddy shores of the Columbia River? Stand-up size round conduit tunnels connecting different sections of a Park?  He would say, "Yes please."

1.  Coho/Lake Wynoochee CG, USFS - Grays Harbor Co.
2.  Conconully S.P. - Chelan Co.
3.  Crow Butte Park, Port of Benton - Benton Co.
4.  Cape Disappointment S.P. - Pacific Co.
5.  Curlew Lake S.P. - Ferry Co.
6.  Kalaloch CG, ONP - Jefferson Co.
7.  Salmon La Sac CG, USFS - Kittitas Co.
8.  Skamokawa Vista Park, Port 2 of Wahkiakum Co. - Wahkiakum Co.
9.  Steamboat Rock S.P. - Grant Co.
10. Takhlakh Lake CG, USFS - Skamania Co. 


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it is also in the ears, tastebuds, fingertips, and nostrils of the camper. Washington is best expererienced "from the ground up" when the senses are fully engaged.

1.  Bowman Bay CG at Deception Pass S.P. - Skagit Co.
2.  Coho/Lake Wynoochee CG, USFS - Grays Harbor Co.
3.  Johnny Creek CG, USFS - Chelan Co.
4.  Juniper Dunes Recreation Area, BLM - Franklin Co.
5.  Kalaloch CG, ONP - Jefferson Co.
6.  Lake Curlew S.P. - Ferry Co.
7.  Lake Wenatchee S.P. - Chelan Co.
8.  Panorama Point CG, USFS - Whatcom Co.
9.  Salmon La Sac CG, USFS - Kittitas Co.
10. Scenic Beach S.P. - Kitsap Co.


Many campgrounds are utterly unique to the State of Washington. The moment you enter them, you experience the magic that no other place can replicate. Here are the 10 most unique.

1.  Conconully S.P. - Okanogan County
2.  Hoh Rain Forest CG, ONP - Jefferson County
3.  Kamiak Butte County Park - Whitman County
4.  Keller Ferry CG, NPS - Lincoln County
5.  Larrabee S.P. - Whatcom County
6.  Ohanepecosh CG, MRNP - Lewis County
7.  Palouse Falls S.P. - Franklin County
8.  Scenic Beach S.P. - Kitsap County
9.  Steamboat Rock S.P. Main CG - Grant County
10. Taklakh Lake CG, USFS - Skamania County


"Family-friendly" doesn't have to mean for the kids only. The perfect balance is everybody-friendly campgrounds -- those for the entire family. We've named one for each of the 39 Washington counties, but here are the 10 best.

1.  Battle Ground S.P. - Clark County
2.  Cape Disappointment S.P. - Pacific County
3.  Columbia Hills S.P. - Klickitat County
4.  Lake Chelan S.P. - Chelan County
5.  Lake Easton S.P. - Kittitas County
6.  Lena Lake Hike-In CG, USFS - Jefferson County
7.  Millersylvania S.P. - Thurston County
8.  Pearrygin Lake S.P. - Okanogan County
9.  Scenic Beach S.P. - Kitsap County
10. Silver Lake County Park - Whatcom County


Travel trailers, 5th Wheels, teardrop trailers, tent trailers, camping vans -- all of these are a big part of the camping scene. But even tent campers occasionally like extra amenities -- electricity, showers, or, at the very least, a picnic table and fire grill. Here are the10 campgrounds we found to be the best equipped.

1.  American Heritage CG, privately owned - Thurston County
2.  Beebe Bridge CG, Chelan PUD - Douglas County  
3.  Boyer's Marina and CG, privately owned - Whitman County
4.  Cranberry Lake CG at Deception Pass S.P. - Island County
5.  Crescent Bar Recreation Area, Grant PUD - Grant County
6.  Grayland Beach S.P. - Pacific County
7.  Ike Kinswa S.P. - Lewis County
8.  Maryhill S.P. - Klickitat County
9.  Rasar S.P. - Skagit County
10. Yakima Sportsman S.P. - Yakima County


There is power in numbers, but there can also be a lot of fun. Grab your best buddies and get your group camp on! The Group Camps listed below may include a small number of individual public sites, but are primarily for groups only.

1.  Beacon Rock S.P. Group CG- Skamania County
2.  Clear Lake Recreation Area Group CG - Yakima County
3.  Daroga S.P. Group CG - Douglas County
4.  Fort Ebey S.P. Group CG - Island County
5.  Indian Flat Group CG, USFS - Yakima County
6.  Kettle Falls Group CG, NPS - Stevens County
7.  Lost Lake Group CG, USFS - Okanogan County
8.  Manchester S.P. Group CG - Kitsap County
9.  Miller River Group CG - King County
10. Rasar S.P. Group CG - Skagit County


Free campgrounds are not just affordable to all. They afford the opportunity to be creative, home-spun, and free from commercial overload. Sometimes the most creative people make the best camping neighbors.

1.  Ayer Boat Basin CG, US Army COE - Walla Walla County
2.  Big Meadow Lake CG, USFS - Pend Oreille County
3.  Campbell Tree Grove CG - Grays Harbor County
4.  Clover Flats CG, DNR - Yakima County
5.  Cold Creek CG, DNR - Clark County
6.  Lyle River CG, DNR - Clallam County
7.  Margaret McKinney CG, DNR - Thurston County
8.  Merrill Lake CG, DNR - Cowlitz County
9.  Tucannon CG, USFS - Columbia County
10. Windust Park, US Army COE - Franklin County


Take away the heavy pruning, the landscaping, the concrete, and the cheap commercial buildings, and what do you get? Nature in its purest form. 

1.  Bird Lake CG, Yakama Nation Tribe - Yakima County
2.  Collins CG, USFS - Jefferson County
3.  Douglas Creek Recreation Site, BLM - Douglas County
4.  Douglas Fir CG, USFS - Whatcom County
5.  Forlorn Lakes Campgrounds, USFS - Skamania County
6.  Hawk's Creek CG, NPS - Lincoln County
7.  Klahowya CG, USFS - Clallam County
8.  Marble Creek CG, USFS - Skagit County
9.  Owhi CG, USFS - Kittitas County
10. Silver Falls CG, USFS - Chelan County


 Sometimes camping means hiking, and at other times hiking means camping. Either way, some of the best campgrounds require you to put on your walkin' shoes to get away from the hubbub.

1.  Ancient Lakes CG, WDFW - Grant County
2.  Cape Alava/Sand Point Hike-IN Campsites, ONP - Clallam County
3.  Crystal Lakes Trail, MRNP - Pierce County
4.  Domke Lake Hike-In Campsites, USFS - Chelan County
5.  Lena Lake Hike-In CG, USFS - Jefferson County
6.  Monte Cristo Hike-In CG, USFS - Snohomish County
7.  Navaho Pass Trail Hike-In Campsites, USFS - Kittitas County
8.  Packwood Trail Hike-In Campsites, USFS - Lewis County
9.  Sherlock Peak Trail #139 - Stevens County
10. Thirteenmile Trail #23 - Ferry County


Sometimes getting to your campground is a big part of the experience. When you want to get entirely away from the mechanized, noisy, fossil fuel burning world, get out the two-wheeler and start your adenture from your doorstep.

1.  Bear Creek CG, DNR - Clallam County
2.  Columbia Hills S.P. - Klickitat County
3.  Daroga S.P. - Douglas County
4.  Fishhook Park, US Army COE - Walla Walla County
5.  Garfield County Fairgrounds - Garfield County
6.  Keller CG, Conferated Tribes of the Collville Reservation - Ferry County
7.  Rainbow Falls S.P./Willapa Hills Trail S.P. - Lewis County
8.  Rhododendron County Park - Island County
9.  Seaquest S.P. - Cowlitz County
10. Spencer Spit S.P. - San Juan County

(favoring human-powered boats)

Boat-In campgrounds are so numerous in Washington that we are forced to feature only the most accessible best of the best. The Cascadia Marine Trail alone connects more experienced sea kayakers to 55 shoreline and island campgrounds. Lady of the Lake ferry on Lake Chelan takes passengers to 5 of the Lake Chelan's 19 boat-in campgrounds. The Lower Columbia Water Trail, traversing both sides of the State, adds new Day Use and camping parks every year. So boat-ins are not just for the big boating people any more!  

1.  Blake Island S.P. - Kitsap County
2.  Hope Island Marine State Park - Mason County
3.  Jones Island Marine State Park - San Juan County
4.  Lake Spokane Boat-In Campsites, NPS - Spokane County side
5.  Lake Spokane Boat-In Campsites, NPS - Stevens County side
6.  Long Island Campsites, Willapa National Wildlife Refuge - Pacific County
7.  Ponderosa Point Boat-Sites at Steamboat Rock S.P. - Grant County
8.  Saddle Bag Island Marine State Park - Skagit County
9.  Sterling Point Boat-In Campsites, NPS - Lincoln County
10. Weaver Point Campground, NPS/USFS - Chelan Co.

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