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Twenty-Five Mile Creek S.P.

The small wading/swimming/beach area is good for small children.

Most of the sites away from the creek are grassy, while those on the creek are on native material.

Creekside campsites are shaded and cooler

The pleasant, grassy Group Camp one major flaw: poor access to bathrooms. This one is for mobile youngers who can walk the distance.

Lady of the Lake Ferry

can take campers to many hiking and resort destinations

Lucern Campground and Resort

(21 miles north with access to Domke Falls and Domke Lake campgrounds)

Prince Creek Campground

(15.4 miles north with hiking access to Lakeshore Trail #1247, Prince Creek Wilderness Trail #1255. The campground itself has 6 sites, tables, firerings, and toilets)

Moore Point Campground

(23.8 miles north, situated at one of the most beautiful spots along Lakeshore Trail #1247)

Resort Town of Stehekin

(among the most isolated resorts in the country)

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